DA 6798 W Shape

Wall ventilation hood with energy-efficient LED lighting and touch controls for simple operation.
  • Headroom – design based on Miele built-in appliances
  • Unique user convenience
  • Powerful - on the booster setting
  • Energy-efficient and quiet
  • Safe and easy to clean - Miele CleanCover

Product data sheet

Wall ventilation hood
Automatic function Con@ctivity 2.0 (Zigbee)
Recirculated mode Convertible
OdorFree charcoal filter (order separately) DKF25-900
Color Obsidian black
Electronic controls
Touch controls on glass
Power levels (number excl. Intensive) 3
Programmable Intensive switch-off
Delayed shutdown for 5 or 15 minutes
Grease filter saturation indicator
Programmable grease filter saturation indicator
Programmable charcoal filter saturation indicator
Number of dishwasher-safe stainless-steel grease filters 1
LED ClearView lighting
Number x W 3 x 3 W
Light intensity in Lx 320 lx
Color temperature in K 3500 Kelvin
Light dimmer function
Dual-action blower
AC motor
Air throughput Values upon request
Safety shut-off
Single-ply safety glass (ESG)
Overall min. height for vented and external in in. (mm) 22 3/8 (568)
Overall max. height for vented and external in in. (mm) 22 3/8 (568)
Overall min. height for recirculation in in. (mm) 22 3/8 (568)
Overall max. height for recirculation in in. (mm) 22 3/8 (568)
Canopy width in in. (mm) 35 3/8 (898)
Canopy height in in. (mm) 22 3/8 (568)
Depth of hood canopy in in. (mm) 19 1/2 (493)
Minimum distance above electric cooktops in in. (mm) 24 1/8 (610)
Minimum height above gas cooktop (max. 12.6 kW total power, burner ≤ 4.5 kW) in mm 26 (660)
Net weight in lbs. (kg) 67 (30.0)
Length of electrical wire in ft. (m) 2 (0.7)
Standard plug fitted
Total connected load in kW 0.36
Voltage in V 120
Fuse rating in A 15
Frequency in Hz 60
Number of phases 1
Vent connection at top
Vent connection at rear
Vent connection at top and rear
Diameter of vent connection in in. (mm) 6 (150)